solution-focused coaching




Solution-focused Coaching

This kind of coaching assumes that it is more helpful and goal-oriented to concentrate on wishes, goals and resources – rather than on problems and how they arise. The focus is on the result. A person’s personal and social skills become clear. Solutions are worked out together. This creates new perspectives and you put down negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and patterns of action.

What you can achieve with this coaching method

It is not based on your weaknesses, but on your strengths and skills. Your positive aspects are emphasized and reinforced. The radically new is the commitment to simplicity. You observe with an open mind what works as desired instead of trying to understand everything. This is how you become successful in complex systems and situations and do more of it in small steps.

What you benefit from

Solution-focused coaching is the right thing to do if you want to find a solution in a future-oriented and goal-oriented way. Without having an interest in the reasons of your topic. You will get a quick fix and clarity. You know your strengths for better self-help.

Focus: goal, resources, solution.

I recommend resolution-focused coaching if you want to discover and understand the reasons of your topic in order to establish the causal relationships and to come to a solution in a goal-oriented way.

Focus: Processing and reflection of reason, goal, resources, solution.


The focus of solution-focused coaching is on solutions instead of problems. Discover the optimal condition and continuously eliminate the problem.

The focus is on your interaction instead of your isolated individuality. Your behavior develops when you interact with other people. In solution-oriented work, you do not talk about opinions, beliefs or values, but about observable, real action.

Note and use what is given – not what is missing or lacking. The gap between ‘actual’ and ‘should’ is not important for your development. But what is already a little better today.

See your opportunities in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. You know how to see and consider opportunities in the future and today. New is probably to consciously discover what was previously an opportunity in ‘yesterday’. Take the opportunities you have discovered goal-oriented in order to use them for your well-being.

We speak a simple language and use understandable words. This is what matters in every cooperation. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in at the moment. Whether professionally or privately. Whether you just want to keep optimizing your life. Or whether you would like to overcome a difficult phase with the help of solution-focused coaching.

As a coach, I value every situation and see it as an opportunity. I do not put on general theories on your topic, I am open, excited and allow myself to be positively surprised every time.

Solution-focused Coaching – Your Benefits


Step by step you will achieve a positive change in complex or difficult situations. Your action in small steps displaces the theoretically comprehensive desire to understand. With little information, you can make the best choice for the next steps and now differentiate with a new perspective. What is the difference between better / worse? This question is crucial and not how it is and how it came about. And surely you are interested in bringing a positive change in your life!


Solution-focused coaching assumes that change processes are unavoidable and take place continuously. Even a small change in your behavior can result in significant and far-reaching progress. The focus is on the solution. It won’t fix what isn’t broken.
With solution-focused coaching, find out what works and fits well – and do more of it! If something doesn’t work and fit well enough – then stop doing it and try something else!


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