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Energetic Coaching

This coaching method focuses on your energy level. Your energy comes back into the flow. There is always an exchange of energy in everything you do. Especially when interacting with other people. The question is whether you hold or give up your energy.

What you can achieve with this coaching method

Immediately after the coaching you will feel a clear change and feel lighter, freer, more relaxed, healthier and / or pain-free. You give less importance to old, difficult topics and let new things into your life. Your environment can adapt to your new energy level. Energetic coaching can work on an emotional, spiritual and physical level at the same time.

What you benefit from

An energetic treatment releases inner resistance and brings your energy field into the flow. Issues, problems or complaints are resolved. Individual emotional, mental or physical issues disappear. And it is not important whether you know what is behind your blocked energy.

Focus: goal, solution.

Consciousness work leads to topics such as psychology, biology, quantum physics, epigenetics, psychosomatics and energy work. In the meantime I have extensive knowledge in the area of spirituality, consciousness development and expansion. I let myself be treated energetically. Practice energetic exercises daily and I am convinced of the success.


Matter arises from consciousness. A flower is what it is because we can only see it THAT and not otherwise.

Every matter radiates temporal and / or structuring information from itself to the outside.

Light can either be a particle, i.e. matter, or structure, i.e. a wave. The light itself decides how it wants to present itself to the observer.

The more complex a structure / information field is, the higher it vibrates. It is therefore subject to the influence of elements of the background room.

In our earthly existence material and spiritual information and energy phenomena can appear at any time.

We are in our past, present and future at the same time.

Everything is related to everything. There are no separate processes in the universe.

The whole determines the parts – the morphological field.

In a closed system the sum of all energies is constant. The total energy is retained (law of conservation of energy).

The 12 dimensions model by Burkhardt Heim (Physicist 1925-2001).

Energetic Coaching – Your Benefits


Everything is made up of energy. You are energy and there are energy fields around us. Because we don’t see them, we often forget what’s possible. With a certain method I put myself in the heightened state of consciousness (background space). An impulse I give you will restore your original shape. The body heals itself, so to speak.

All possibilities are there. It’s all there. You just have to accept it. Release your inner restitance and set free your energy. Experience the unique feeling of lightness and freedom and come into your own strength!


The high vibration in the background room resolves issues and inner resistance in a very short time.

Releasing inner resistance enables effective physical and mental regeneration.

With the physical localization, there is no need to enter or experience old topics.

The cleaning of the energy field increases the quality of life and brings you into the flow.


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