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You benefit from individual workshops on professional and private topics. Especially in the area of development and change processes. The coachings can be hold personally, by telephone or virtually. Where? That’s your decision. Because I am available for you worldwide and would also be happy to coach you digitally from a distance. That is efficient and flexible at the same time. So you decide when you would like to start a conversation or a workshop.

You have a current topic that you want to tackle and solve? Call me or write me a message!

Because the definition of insanity is always doing the same thing and expecting different results!

Professional competence
Combine the trainings according to your needs!

Coaching – Your Opportunity

Solution-focused Coaching

Energetic Coaching

Coaching Concepts

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We get to know each other in a first telephone conversation. Of course, without any obligation and free of charge. We decide together whether we both can build a good relationship. It should be based on trust and acceptance. Finally, we respect the needs and limitations of each other and trusting in the others abilities.

Together we will have a look on your current situation. And together we will define a suitable strategy with which you can optimize your life even further. Be it professionally or privately. Because my method is as varied as the wishes of my clients! I am also completely flexible in terms of time and will be happy to arrange my appointments according to you. And if I should not be available, I will of course call you back.

Either way, I’m looking forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas and thoughts. Be it for your concerns, needs or goals. Talk to me now: by phone, using the contact form or simply by email!

Your Saskia Ottenbacher​


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