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My Profile

It is important to me that you get to know me, feel welcome and trust me.

My top 5 strengths include a sense of responsibility, individual awareness, communication skills, empathy and strategy. I am an open and critical person. I like to research topics from different perspectives in order to better understand them. In doing so, I do not exclude the local, the global or the universal and create connections.

The people I met on my way inspired me and strengthened my work. As a coach & consultant, I have found my fulfillment and mission. I will coach, accompany and support you professionally on your way. Gain new perspectives!


Studies in media management (Dipl.) at FHM Bielefeld; Focus on conception and project management.

Certifications: Access Consciousness, MindFlow Basis / Practitioner / Expert, Nathal, Business Coaching PLUS / PUR / EKG, Quantum Entrainment® Method, Process Communication.

Career History

Project manager and executive in an international automotive company. Senior consultant in the automotive sector in a company consultancy. Consultant in the IT and media sector. Several years of research on consciousness and personality.

Coaching/ Consulting

For over 10 years I have been advising and supporting national and international organizations as a project manager and consultant. I have professional experience in the field of organizational development, personal development and process and method consulting. In close cooperation with executives, I have successfully designed strategic change processes, options for action and managed their implementation.

The focus of my coaching is business & life coaching, energetic work and communication. During my professional career, I have used every free minute of my time to develop myself personally and to travel a lot. People and coaching have become a central part of my life. I completed the business coaching and Mindflow training privately. I also regularly attended seminars to keep up to date. I actively and regularly collect feedback from several sides and enjoy working on myself.

In my private life I prefer to go on individual trips worldwide. I like to cook with friends, I like to listen to music and I love to continuously educate myself and develop.

As a coach, I enable you to develop your potential and bring it to full effect. It is important that the solution suits you and leads you to your goal. My holistic concept promotes your skills.

To round off my offer for you, I offer you the solution-focused and energetic coaching mehod for personal development with COS Coaching. With S.O. Consulting you get the classic consulting for personality development.

I recommend coaching if you want to determine the solution on your own in order to achieve your goal in a future-oriented manner. I recommend the consultation if you can cope better with tips and tricks than with coaching. You can find my consulting services here:




My Concept


COS PHI has two meanings: COS stands for Coaching Opportunity Solution, this means through coaching you recognize opportunities and find solutions. The number Phi is “… the geometry of all organic life, every organic structure is based on this ratio-number Phi. Phi is the universal measure of all life …”, including yours.(Quelle: https://www.paranormal.de) More 

Get the opportunity to change your life holistically!

Mental SPoC

Transferred to coaching and my coaching concept, this is about the mental single point of contact (SPoC), i.e. to develop methods that give you the opportunity to help yourself and to come to a solution. In some sources, SPoC is described as a help desk or service desk. More

Be your own helpdesk!

The Lotus Flower

“The lotus flower is the symbol of renewal, transformation and new beginnings.” More… (Quelle: https://www.sumannspirit.com)

Start your new beginning!

The Colors

Turquoise, my favorite color, is often referred to as a symbol of the collective shift in consciousness. It’s a color between blue and green. So I decided on the colors BLUE, GREEN and VIOLET. I also use the color gray. Blue stands for clarity. Green stands for healing. Violet represents the mind and spirituality. Gray stands for balance. More

Find your color!

Your Base

COS PHI, Mental SPoC, the lotus flower and the meaning of the colors are related to each other. They also connect everything together. That is why I would like to use these pillars as the basis of my concept to make it tangible for you.


Understand your own attitude and its effect.

Change mental patterns to a positive way.

Create holistic connections between body and mind.

Self-love as the foundation for your life.

Make more of life.

The connection of energetic forces, from inside and outside.


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